Giving corporates and individuals new purpose and perspective.

Social Venture Program is a 6-day experiential learning opportunity that is uniquely designed to help individuals and corporate groups explore diversity with compassion and sensitivity, and to develop the ability to create meaningful and lasting change.

It is increasingly important that we challenge our understanding and acceptance of adversity and disadvantage. The programs will offer exposure to the rare insights of leading international social enterprise figures whose lives are dedicated to turning extreme disadvantage into opportunities for health, hope and resilience. Guided by our social venture leaders participants will work in sensitive and appropriate programs with people whose lives depend upon the compassion and empathy of others. Bring the desire for sustainable and ethical change to life by experiencing how this deep and determined optimism brings about critical social benefit.

Social Venture Program, led by Peter Baines and operated by Soulful Experiences, began in Thailand in 2015. In 2018 the offering will extend beyond Thailand, giving participants and corporate groups access to other regions as well as the opportunity to tailor their own experience. Sign up below to be the first to hear about our new programs.

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