You can't spend time with these leaders and not be changed as a person.

Prateep Ungsongtham Hata
Secretary General, Duang Prateep Foundation

Prateep, a lady with an endless amount of energy, is a former senator of the Thai government and has been an advocate for women and children in the poorest communities of Thailand for the past 37 years. In 1980, she became the first Asian citizen to receive the John D.Rockefeller Youth Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mankind. With the prize money she established the Foundation for Slum Child Care where she continues today to provide opportunities to thousands of people within the slums of Bangkok. 

Amongst her many responsibilities include working for the United Nations as a subject matter expert, she is also leading the community response to one of Bangkok’s largest relocation projects as the Government attempts to shut down the slums. A hero of the slums of Klong Toey if ever there was one, rightfully earning her nickname “Slum Angel”. Her ability to achieve remarkable results through her unique influencing skills is something all leaders should embrace.



Mae Thiew Suthasinee
Director, Baan Home Hug

Setting aside her daily battle with terminal cancer Mae Thiew rises each day to care for up to 100 children who live at Home Hug which is a home for children who have HIV or who have lost their parents to HIV. Home Hug was founded by Mae Thiew 29 years ago. She has buried more children than is imaginable, but somehow has continued to offer a place of hope for the children who have no other option. 

Voted as the Asian Person of the Year in 2011, Mae Thiew offers a rare insight into facing daily discrimination and rising above challenges and providing love to those society rejects. She stands as an advocate for those without a voice and its her unwavering commitment that is so inspiring. You can’t spend time with Mae Thiew and the children she cares for and not be changed as a person. Spending time with Mae Thiew you develop a deeper appreciation of what strength, courage, acceptance and tolerance really mean. 



Peter Baines
Founder & Chair, Hands Across the Water

Peter Baines OAM, a former forensics officer with the NSW State Police Force developed his unique leadership style by leading international identification and recovery teams into Indonesia and Thailand following acts of terrorism and the 2004 South East Asian Tsunami.  After meeting the children left orphaned by the Tsunami, Peter felt compelled to act and founded an Australian charity called Hands Across the Water to support them which has gone on to create opportunities for hundreds of children across Thailand and raised over $15m AUD in the process.  

It was the success of the shared experiences that Peter created with Hands that led him to focus on building successful engagement strategies.  Today, Peter has a successful consulting business building engagement through corporate social responsibility and presents across the globe to major corporations and governments on Leadership.  He is the author of two books, Hands Across the Water, published by Pan MacMillian which recounts his journey through his forensic work onto the international crisis stage, to setting up the international aid organisation that continues to grow.  His second book released in February 2015 and published by Wiley is his first business book which provides a blueprint for building experience led engagement programs with a focus on shared value.


Claire Baines
Founder & Director, Soulful Experiences

After a decade in the corporate events space, Soulful Experiences' founder, Claire Baines, witnessed (and indeed delivered) many events that met the client's brief but lacked spark and inspiration. She was faced with a choice. To continue delivering “safe” events that corporate clients had grown accustomed to, or to step out of corporate box in order to deliver something special. 

Inspired by her husband Peter Baines, Claire embarked on her own business adventure to bring something new and fresh to the industry - events that were both aligned to her passion and beliefs and sought after by clients looking to try something fresh, new and non-traditional. 

Taking your team, clients and key customers out of the office and away to a multi-day event is a huge commitment of resources and, in our opinion, the event should deliver a whole lot more than just a good time! If you haven’t stretched minds, expanded thinking, challenged views or left an impression on your team's soul, have you really maximised the potential return on your investment?

There’s a market for the corporate junkets and if you’ve been on enough conferences you’ve probably been on one or two -- but that’s not what Soulful Experiences is about. Events run by Soulful Experiences are the kind of events that you want your consumers to know about and represent an investment that you will be proud to stand behind.




Hands across the water

Hands Across the Water was established in 2005 after Peter Baines OAM was introduced to the kids of Takua Pa who had lost their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Baines was working in Thailand as a forensic investigator leading the Australian and International teams in the identification of those who died. Instead of pulling out when his work ended, he decided to do something to hep the children whose families and livelihoods had been destroyed. Hands Across the Water was formed and lives began to transform. Starting with the kids at Baan Tharn Namchai, the focus was on building homes for the children that would not only sustain them, but enrich their lives.

More than a decade on, Hands Across the Water now operates in seven different locations across Thailand, supporting at-risk children – giving them a safe home and a valuable education. Each and every child who spends a month, a year or their formative years growing up with Hands is valued and matters. Because every child matters.

The growth of Hands has been possible by building strong shared experiences with those who join the journey. It is these rich experiences that has led to the strong engagement that exists in its supporter base. 

Jump onto the Hands website to take a deeper look in to the projects Hands supports.